The store

Gleence helps you easily manage your loyalty card!

Once the card has been created, in the main screen you can add/remove points on your customers card, edit your card and send promotions to your loyalty clients

Gleence allows stores, professionals and working activities to collect their customer loyalty points in a more easy and fast way.

  • Create your loyalty card

    Gleence allows you to create your own loyalty card from your smartphone. With just few clicks you can customize it adding titol, description and your logo.

  • Send promotion to your customer

    With Gleence you can also send promotion messages to your clients. They will be updated about your offers!

  • Reduce the cost and save time

    No more needs to buy or print paper loyalty cards. You just have to scan your customer QR code and choose the points to be added on their card.

  • Add coworkers

    All your coworkers can use their smartphone to add loyalty points to your customer card.

For your customers

With Gleence your customer will have on their smartphone all the loyalty card in one app only.

Ask your customer to download Gleence, the first time you will scan their QR code your loyalty card will be automatically created on their app.

Once they'll have your card, they will receive also you special offers and promotions!!!

  • Everything on your smartphone

    All your loyalty cards will be in ony app only.

  • Easily check all the cards

    With Gleence you can easily acess to all your loyalty cards and keep updated on your favourite stores promotions.

  • Have a look at the store and its card

    Click on the card and have a look on all the store details Check how many points you need to complete the card.

  • Get your prize

    You will get a notification once the card is complete, get your prize!

Your customer will be able to manage all the cards from their smartphone. Stop paper cards and stamp, get Gleence!