Switch to the digital fidelity card!

Create your customized fidelity card.

Add fidelity points to a customer's card scanning their QR code directly from your smartphone.

No more stamps or paper cards, go with Gleence! Manage your fidelity card and your promotions with one app only!


Gleence simplify the creation of the digital fidelity cards and your customer loyalty points managment.


Add loyalty point to a card is very easy, you just need to scan your customer QR code from their smartphone.


There's no need to buy paper cards, manage your fidelity card and send promotions using our free app.

Try Gleence, now!

With just few clicks you can create your fidelity card: choose the number of boxes, the color, the prize, the background picture and your logo.

Ask your customer to download Gleence, they can start accumulating loyalty points on your fidelity card! Scan their QR code the first time to automatically create your fidelity card on their smartphone!!!

Available for Android on Google Play Store and for iPhone on Apple iTunes