What can you do with Gleence

Gleence helps the store and their customer with digital loyalty cards.


Create your loyalty card directly from your smartphone

Assign points

Scan your customers QR code to add point to their loyalty card

Loyalty card

Now your customer will have your card in their app


Send your promotions to whom have your loyalty card on their app

The app for your marketing

Not only loyalty card and promotion! Whatever your business is, Gleence helps you managing your customers: get to know them better, keep them updated using custom marketing tools. Gleence is Social Business everywhere!

With Gleence you can:

  • Create your custom Loyalty Card
  • Send promotions to your customer
  • Promote your business for free
  • Send news and offers
  • Manage your advertising campaign
  • Manage your marketing in a focused way
  • Keep in touch with your customers
  • Free advertisement
  • Being recognizable